Bearded Lady

My fake beard came in the mail the other day. Modern science cannot measure my excitement!


Etymology: Middle English Zephirus, west wind (personified), from Latin Zephyrus, god of the west wind & zephyrus west wind, zephyr, from Greek Zephyros & zephyros

Date: 1611

1 a : a breeze from the west b : a gentle breeze

Birth of a Salesman

This cat is a salesman. He’s top in his field. I’d like to think he’s honest, but who really knows? He’s just trying to support the wife and kids. And the road…it keeps a callin’.

Folk Couple

Finally, something new! I’m working on a new project and these little drawings were part of the sketch process. I like the revisit Ukrainian folk tales now and again and these remind me of those stories. Here is a version in b/w and one in color.

© Ulana Zahajkewycz