Empress & Koiman

The Empress
loves her Koiman.

School Girl VS. Godzilla

The Jump Rope of
Death will slap the tar
out of these evil doers.

Lady J VS. Treeman

Lady J is about to
snuff out a bothersome
bully of a flame.

Red VS. The Wolf

The better to
see you with…
hey what’s that
in your basket?

Wolf Cadet & Ghost

Wolf cadet loves his
levitating, ghostly wife.

Alien VS. Warrior

Big heads,
big trouble.

Wolfman VS. Alien Moth Queen

I fight you!
part one

Moth Cat & Flame

More married monsters. So sweet.

A Punk and a Tattooed Lass

From the series “I Married a Monster.” I love his furry ears and her stone-cold stare.

Alien Boy & Goth Girl

So, this is one of the pieces that I painted for an upcoming show in Nashville. There are 10 pieces in total, 5 are from a series called “I married a monster” and 5 are from a series called ” I fight you!” As they get scanned, I’ll post them. I’m having a lot of fun with these. I hope to sell them all at the show! If not…guess what’s for sale?

© Ulana Zahajkewycz