Roadside Attractions

I didn’t have a map, so I made this one. Enjoy.


Suzanne Muldowney is a performance artist and the living embodiment of the cartoon character Underdog. She appears in parades across the country and does interpretive dance as the famed hero, as well as Vlad the Impaler and Spectrum the Ghost. She even makes her own costumes! A while back some friends of mine, Boris Gavrilovic and Leon Martin made the film My Life as an Underdog about her. Well, the project was taking a long time, so I made this painting to encourage Leon to keep going. If you get the chance, see the film…it’s wonderful.

In love with tattoos

So I did this portrait for a client who wanted to give her friends an anniversary present. Tattoos and all. I happen to love tattoos, so this was pretty much a dream job. The image later appeared in Michael Fleishman’s book, How to Grow as an Illustrator. This style is rather different for me, but it was wickedly fun to paint.

Minnesota Disasters!

This work was from an exhibition called Small Wonders, Little Giants at the Minnesota History Center. I did the poster and these images (they were used for a game…go figure!).

City Pages

This is a brand new illustration that appeared in the A-list section of the City Pages. It’s for Pride week in the Twin Cities.

© Ulana Zahajkewycz